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Business as usual, isn’t.


Leaders the world over are waking up to the ever-expanding breadth of global competition, accelerating pace of change, mind-numbing complexity, and increasing instability of our global business environment.  Some even realize that we are in peril of our very existence. Most admit that there is a growing gap between the rate at which change and complexity is expanding and the organization’s capacity to creatively adapt.  The current economic, cultural, environmental, and political challenges prompt a deeper inquiry into a better way forward.  How will we rise to the occasion?   Can we look beyond what has worked in the past, see through our collective organizing assumptions and find new ways to meet our mounting challenges? How do we evolve our leadership so that it is both conscious and capable enough to effectively capitalize on the opportunities embedded in today’s complexity?

Here is what we know:

  • The only sustainable competitive advantage today is leadership.

  • Preserving competitive advantage means that leaders and their organizations must develop at a rate that keeps pace with the accelerating magnitude of global change.

  • Development is more complex than we thought. It challenges the foundations of our most cherished assumptions. We must cultivate a new mindset from which genuinely new and responsive strategies will flow.

  • Collectively we either evolve higher-order operating systems, or together we endure the painful erosion of our results and an endless cascade of business and social extinctions.

  • Evolving higher order operating systems requires mastery of the inner-world (consciousness) as well as the outer-world (competence).

  • Competence and consciousness evolve together, entwined in progressive stages of leadership and adult mastery.

  • Business performance is directly tied to effective leadership. The most effective leaders are conscious leaders.

  • The fate of our collective future and the evolution of leadership are bound together.

  • When we listen to the deep currents of our own lives, we know the stakes are high.

We are a global consultancy focused on Effective Leadership and Business Performance.  FCG exists to evolve the conscious practice of leadership.