Collective Leadership Baseline Report

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Group Report provides a comprehensive summary of the state of leadership in your organization. It is a highly customized report that integrates the various leadership assessments conducted by FCG.

The heart of the Group Report is The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP). This report summarizes the individual TLCP reports into a group summary. It is, however, much more than a summary. It utilizes many different analytical techniques to distill the key leadership themes to the surface. The Group Report can also include and integrate the results from The Leadership Culture Survey. Finally, it organizes the Qualitative Assessments that may have been done into a comprehensive look at the leadership system of the organization.

This report provides a thorough benchmark for how your organization is, or is not, making leadership a strategic, competitive advantage. It will show you how you compare to other organizations globally and in comparison to other organizations in your industry. It will target what is required for your organization to improve the effectiveness ofleadership.

When the Group Report is generated prior to a leadership development effort, and then again a year or two later, progress can be accurately gauged.

The Full Circle Group is committed to helping you improve your business performance through developing more effective leadership (individually and collectively) in your organization. The Leadership Circle Group Report is a fundamental tool for the achievement of this goal.