The Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP) makes major advances in the best 360 instruments.  TLCP is the only 360 feedback instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies:

  • Creative Competencies are well-researched competencies that measure how you achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems.
  • Reactive Tendencies are leadership styles that emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment.  These self-limiting styles overemphasize the focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting yourself, and getting results through high control tactics.

TLCP is designed to measure a battery of key leadership competencies.  Most high quality 360 instruments have a solid research base and measure competencies shown to relate well to leadership effectiveness and to outcomes important to business.  TLCP was designed to do this as well as any tool on the market.  TLCP has established itself among the best 360 competency assessments available.  That, however, is what makes it extraordinary; it is not what sets it apart.  The following capabilities are what place The Leadership Circle Profile in a league of its own:

  • TLCP is the only competency-based 360 assessment to simultaneously measure the beliefs and assumptions that organize a leader’s behavior.  This allows for far deeper insight into the underpinnings of one’s leadership that is available with other tools.
  • The Leadership Circle Profile provides granularity not found in other tools.  Because TLCP measures so many critical dimensions of effective and ineffective leadership, they provide “MRI-like” specificity for healing leaders see what is working, not working, and where they might want to grow.
  • TLCP integrates many of the best theoretical frameworks from the Leadership, Adult Development, Psychological, and Spiritual bodies of knowledge.  TLCP arises from the first fully integrated theoretical framework of leadership development in the field of organizational and leadership development.
  • The Leadership Circle Profile is also designed to measure leadership behavior at multiple stages of adult development consistent with the research of Kegan, Gilligan, Cook-Grueter, Beck, Wilber, and others.  While TLC tools do not measure stages of development directly, our research suggests that they correlate strongly with measures of adult development.
  • The Leadership Circle Tools integrate all of the above in such a way that the consultant/coach and client can immediately see the significant patterns in the data.  Data is visually displayed so that the client is naturally drawn toward the most important issues.  TLCP elegantly displays the critical relationships between strengths and weaknesses, creative competencies and reactive tendencies, and the interaction between inner assumptions and outer behavior.  At a glance, the whole gestalt is accessible.  It immediately gets your client in touch with what is working, what is not, and why.
  • TLC tools so clearly reveal the key opportunities for a client’s development that coaches and consultants consistently report that TLC Tools enable them to start at the breakthrough conversation rather than spending months trying to reach one.


  • More revealing – the only leadership assessment tool linking an executive’s leadership competencies to core beliefs that govern behavior
  • More advanced and efficient – instantly reveals key opportunities for development; remarkably easy to use
  • More than just an assessment – rich theoretical underpinnings of TLCP provide a pathway to transformation
  • More dynamic – seasoned consultants and executive coaches consistently report that TLCP enables them to have the most rewarding feedback sessions of their careers
  • Widely Accepted – TLCP is used by leading national and international organizations, government agencies and top universities


  • An important tool for ongoing performance management
  • Aids in developing teamwork and alignment within management teams
  • Provides a comprehensive metric for tracking leadership development and cultural change
  • Aids in succession planning for developing high-potential leaders
  • Allows you to measure your organization against a large norm-base of similar companies

Completing Your Leadership Circle Profile