The Leadership Circle Profile Certification – Washington DC: May 2-4, 2017

Welcome to the information blog for your certification! We are thrilled to have you on board. In the following posts, you will find all the information you need to help you make this experience truly life-changing. Check back regularly to ensure you have all the most current updates. Can't find the information you're looking for? Use the contact information below to reach out to us and we'll get you in touch with the right people!

Michael O'Connor - Director of Business Development: 888.888.8888

Nicole Oxborrow - Logistics: 888.888.8888

Jenny Haase - Logistics: 888.888.8888

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We are excited to be meeting at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel.

All group meetings will be held in the Sierra conference room located on the second floor.

The Hyatt has also offered us a special room rate of $175/night for anyone interested staying onsite (highly recommended). These special prices are good now through January 1. To book a room at the Hyatt, please contact Nicole at 888.888.8888 or


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You will find that all 3 days of the certification are packed with great experiences. The atmosphere will be casual and intimate. Dress code is business-casual, make sure you are comfortable. Your fellow participants will be supportive and instructive. It is a very collaborative experience. Your facilitator will guide the learning process with expert skill and you will find yourself taking copious notes. Be prepared for a rich and engaging three days.

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