Effective leadership is an imperative in today’s business environment. It is the primary competitive advantage and effective organizational leadership requires both personal leadership effectiveness and collective leadership effectiveness. Is your level of effectiveness up to the challenges and opportunities facing your business? Does your leadership team know how it collectively shows up to the organization? How do we get leaders who are effective individually to lead effectively together?

We hold that effective leadership is an individual and collective opportunity. Effective Leadership is both Conscious Leadership and Collective Leadership.


FCG continues to conduct leading-edge research which strongly suggests that the most effective leadership is Conscious Leadership. To be effective, the leaders level of consciousness, or Operating System, must be well matched to the complexity of the organizational challenges. In short, consciousness and competence are intimately connected.

Conscious leaders deliberately practice the art of leading; it is equal parts driving innovation and change (action) and standing back to allow desired conditions to emerge (non-action). Conscious leaders are continually evolving, learning and deepening themselves. They are students of their strengths and their reactive tendencies. They are awakening to the deeper possibilities that call them into the world. They confront old ways of thinking that limit possibilities from emerging. They show up with a wisdom, presence, courage and authenticity that is rare. They speak directly into what’s essential and true. Their presence is both de-stabilizing and inspiring. In this way, they catalyze change.

We form an authentic relationship with you, a true strategic partnership. We work with you at a depth that accelerates your leadership evolution. We do this in a business relevant conversation. Together we attend to your personal and collective leadership in a way that transforms you and your teams, sharpens your collaboration with customers, and transforms business results. Your organization’s growth is directly tied to your individual growth. One won’t happen without the other. To that end we offer multiple conscious leadership development opportunities.


Most people will enthusiastically support only what they’ve had an active hand in creating.

Research studies consistently find that between 40-60% of employees are “not engaged” and that 10-20% are “actively disengaged.” Disengagement is not only a huge financial cost, but impacts the spirit of an organization – its passion, innovation, purpose, and commitment. These studies suggest that we daily squander capability and capacity. This is a collective leadership challenge, and opportunity.

Obviously, no leader intends for these results to occur; so what happens? Less effective leaders speak of the culture as if it is out there somewhere – separate from them. From this framework, organizations attempt to run “Employee Engagement Programs.” Yet, the most effective leaders know that leadership begins with them, that leadership sets the culture. We do not treat culture as separate issue to be “taken on.” Culture is the effect of how we lead. Great leaders master the art of collective leadership and create great cultures of engagement. A great culture of engagement extends to and is inclusive of all stakeholder groups.

A healthy, vibrant high engagement culture is a powerful force for obtaining long-term, sustainable results. This is not easily accomplished however. Engaging others increasingly brings leaders face-to-face with endless differences – regional, national, ethnic, religious, racial, gender, and so on. And yet, as the strategic priority in most organizations call for collaboration across boundaries and around the globe, the need to creatively engage these differences is paramount. The leadership conversation needs to be two-way, rich, real and inclusive. It needs to allow everyone to have access to the best knowledge and skills available. It needs to bring out the innovative capability residing in the intersection of such diversity.

FCG has 30 years of successful partnering with leaders and stakeholders from all levels of organizations to engage the possibilities before them. We do this more deeply and effectively than most. We know the architecture and processes required to realize unprecedented results in your culture. Utilizing our highly successful Whole Systems ApproachTM we bring core competence and decades of experience in an integrated journey that partners with leaders to establish vibrant cultures that:

  • Meet the complexities and challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Realize the collective aspiration and potential the organization holds
  • Preserve and cherish unique identity
  • Achieve satisfying and consistently superior business outcomes

All of this built through candid, solid relationships of integrity and honor.