At Full Circle Group we cultivate a new mindset from which genuinely new and responsive strategies will flow.  Our unique approach engages client organizations in deep leader development within the context of a business relevant conversation. We treat the business performance conversation and the leadership development conversation as one essential conversation. We work with clients to create a baseline metric that aligns leadership to client business priorities. We measure this over time and are able to show leadership as a measurable component to overall organizational success. This integration is our fundamental and foundational principle and incorporated into all of our offerings.

As part of these endeavors we utilize key developmental instruments such as The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment, The Leadership Circle Profile Manager Edition™ 360 Assessment, The Collective Leadership Assessment™ and others to provide the deep insights and awareness to help drive greater individual and collective leadership effectiveness.  Integrating these elements (as required to meet your goals) in every engagement is what we do best. 

Conscious leadership doesn’t happen by accident … it takes conscious practice.
— Roma Gaster