At Deer Hollow, groups can participate in a variety of experiential events and simulations. Experiential learning is superior to more conceptual learning if the objective is to surface underlying values and influence behaviors. At Full Circle Group, we use experiential learning at three levels: individual, team and organization. Providing a stimulating, productive and action-oriented experience helps teams and individuals grow, challenge themselves and expand skills in new ways.

Likewise, business simulations are powerful vehicles for creating a “learning lab” and exploring possibilities; they establish context that helps participants see and experience an organization or process in a new way. Participants are able to make informed choices and analyze the implications and consequences of specific actions while sharing a common experience that models an aspect of their real business world.

Having a safe environment with expert guidance is critical. At Deer Hollow, groups participate in a number of different team building events, designed to help participants meet educational, developmental and recreational goals. Groups may elect to use our exclusive challenge course that includes both high ropes and low elements. Groups can also opt for archery competitions or a biathlon at nearby Soldier Hollow – a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Those looking to enjoy more solitary pursuits can take advantage of the wonderful vistas afforded by a variety of hiking opportunities or enjoy fishing in Deer Hollow’s ponds. Other recreational opportunities, including skiing, hot air ballooning and golf are close by.




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The Bronze Buffalo Leadership Academy was created by a partnership between The Bronze Buffalo Club and Bill Adams with Full Circle Group to create a one-of a-kind curriculum that seeks to inspire and promote effective leadership development.  The Academy fulfills this mission by elevating the conscious practice of leadership with unique and transformative experiences, allowing the creation of a new context for your leadership journey.  The Bronze Buffalo Leadership Academy’s curriculum is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and team members who are interested in exercise-based skill development.  Participants in our program will take The Leadership Circle Profile™ self-assessment prior to arrival, which will be used throughout our sessions in one-on-one, specialized, equine based, skill development exercises in our state-of-the-art facilities and resort properties.   

Academy graduates become more self-aware, they better understand key leadership principles such as trust and vulnerability, enabling others to act, accountability, diligence, adaptability, courage, and leadership all through exercises utilizing horses.  A horse’s sensory capacity responds directly to the character and leadership of those around them.  These horses become a mirror and clearly reflect a leader’s emotions, intentions, body language, and overall communication effectiveness -- and they do so without the masks that are typically found in work and social environments. This unique equine experience allows you to receive immediate feedback and relevant insights to your leadership effectiveness and make real time adjustments as you work with the horses to complete specialized tasks. 

Prior horse experience is not required, and our leaders find their experience at the Bronze Buffalo Leadership Academy to be a life altering, fun, and transformative experience!



Because leadership at the top is critical, we have developed a premier capability to facilitate exclusive executive retreats that help escalate senior teams to move to a higher level of performance and effectiveness. Senior leadership alignment is the foundation for a high performance organization. Getting away from it all can often be the best way to get to the heart of it all.

Our executive retreats provide a unique opportunity to build personal and team alignment, view challenges through a different lens, think and plan strategically, take relationships to a deeper level, and discover new opportunities to evolve and increase performance.

At FCG, in addition to the remarkable leadership retreat Deer Hollow located in the Wasatch Front Mountains in Utah – we create, organize, and facilitate retreats for our clients around the globe in select retreat locations.


All leadership consultants know the value of bringing unique and fresh approaches to their work with clients. It is an expected part of the relationship because new ideas help to engage everyone in deeper and more meaningful leadership conversations.  Often in the search for novel approaches, consultants overlook the use of scenarios, targeted learning activities or simulations as a means to fully help a client gain understanding of new concepts.  The challenge for many consultants is that they do not have the expertise, experience, resources or time to create and then deliver these powerful tools to complement their client work. Full Circle Group, in conjunction with Hanniball Consulting, have designed and built targeted, best-in-class, experiential designs specifically for many of our clients. Let us work with you to engage your team or organization in ways you never thought possible.

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