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Jo Flynn

Senior Leadership Consultant


Jo Flynn is highly trained in the field of Transformative Education and has worked internationally in  sectors as varied as corporate, not-for-profit institutions, government and education.

Grounded in 20 years of theory and practice, the underlying theme throughout all her work is the creation  of a supportive conversational space in which executives can prepare for organisational transformation  through personal transformation.

By navigating their own developmental consciousness, executives are supported in the critical shift in  thinking and behaviour that distinguishes Managing Reactively from Leading Creatively.

In business environments where leaders are increasingly required to utilise principles of engagement and  connectedness (rather than the out-moded style of relying on mandate and force), shifting from a  Reactive to a Creative mindset is becoming less of an optional extra and more of a required leadership  capability.

Jo has a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education in Training (UTS), a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (UOW College), Certificate of Teachership (Zoeros Integral Learning), is accredited in the full Leadership Circle suite, Conflict Resolution Skills (Conflict Resolution Network) and Coach Training (under David Rock PhD).

Career highlights include:

Program design and facilitation of ongoing Leadership Development Programs at Senior Management  level (Ernst and Young and Vodafone Aus & N.Z).

Design and presentation of hundreds of personal and professional development workshops over a  fifteen year period delivered to over 5,000 clients.

CEO and founder of successful coaching organisation with centres in NSW, Victoria and ACT.

Executive coaching for KPMG, Caltex Petroleum, Sonny, Wesfarmers, Hewlett Packard, Rio Tinto.