In case you missed this year's Fifth Annual Asia Pacific Conference – Navigating Waves of Complexity, we are excited to share the link to the full recording here:

Here is the press release that went out just prior to the conference in case you missed that as well:

Increasing complexity: One of the biggest leadership challenges of our times to be addressed by internationally renowned thought leaders at upcoming conference.

The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific 5th Annual Leadership and Business Performance Conference on 21 May 2015 in Sydney, Australia Internationally renowned thought leaders will address key questions about leadership:

  • How can business leaders expect the unexpected? 
  • What will it take to prepare for what we can’t see or even imagine?
  • How will leadership prepare for the complexities of this changing landscape? 
  • What does this mean in terms of strategic advantage for our organisations?

Prominent thought leaders, Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger and Dr Keith Johnston, Partners of Cultivating Leadership, will examine the myth of the notion that if leaders are smart enough, work hard enough and have the right systems in place, they will have the answers to control outcomes. Instead leaders need to cultivate practices that will enable them to navigate the unknown.

Gillian Coutts, Partner at The Potential Project will offer insights into how mindfulness is a key building block for navigating complexity. Mindfulness improves well-being, efficacy of decision making and productivity. Her presentation will examine how we can embed evidenced-based mindfulness practices into daily organisational life.

Padraig O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at O’Sullivan Field, will share the ‘real time’ story of how leaders at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals are navigating complexity in a business transformation.

Roma Gaster, Director at the Leadership Circle Asia Pacific, will present a brief overview of The Leadership Circle framework and how it contributes to leadership transformation.

Commenting on the conference, Roma Gaster said, “Navigating unexpected challenges can be deeply unsettling for leaders. They may feel they are doing all the right things and yet are still not getting the desired outcomes.”

“In fact, the most effective leaders realise that uncertainty is the new normal, and to be able to adapt to and leverage the unknown is the biggest leadership challenge and opportunity of our times.”

The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific 5th Annual

Leadership and Business Performance Conference

When: Thursday 21 May 2015, 8.30am to 1.15pm | Aust EST

Where: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia

Details: Hosted by The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific. Registrations will open at 7.30am. There will be an interval with light refreshments served. This is a free public event.