We are excited to share the latest from Voice America’s – Stories from the Heart of Leadership radio series hosted by Shahmeen Sadiq with her guest, our very own Bill Adams!

March 23, 2015 “Heartfelt and Conscious Consulting”:

“What is it like to be a consultant these days? Are you greeted with eye rolling, or enthusiasm, by your clients? The media sometimes portrays consultants as an opportunistic shiver of sharks just waiting to grab their next victim. In the past I, as a member of this profession, have internalized some of this poor reputation and as a result have felt some shame in selling my services. The good news is, there are consultants out there who are trusted, trustworthy, heartfelt, conscious leaders who are oriented to being of immense service while guiding their clients to empowerment, ease and the creation of sustainable business performance and leadership effectiveness. I’m honored to be part of a community of people just like this and am thrilled to be speaking with our leader this week. Join me in a rich conversation with Bill Adams, the CEO of Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle to explore what it is to powerfully and effectively consult with heart, integrity and consciousness.”