Roche Kinesis








Kathia brings a depth of experience in organizational change, leadership, and systems thinking. Kathia has partnered with some of the Spanish-speaking Roche leaders to facilitate deeper understanding and insight by working with these leaders to review their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Results in their native language.



Paul began his work at Roche as a thought leader and partner working with leaders representing the senior leadership team, HR, and Training and Development to conceptualize a new approach to elevate the Roche leadership talent to what is needed to lead the company of the future. This work is a key part of the Roche Foundation Program. In addition to facilitating these programs, Paul lends his talent to working directly with Roche leaders to better understand their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Results prior to attending the program with their cohort.

Marjoleine Byrne

Marjoleine brings extensive experience in transformation change and executive coaching to her work with Roche leaders. She holds numerous coaching certifications and brings deep cultural awareness to her coaching relationships. Marjoleine lends her practical, hands-on approach to helping the leaders she works with develop their potential, using the results of their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment as a launching point for growth and insight.

Betsy Leatherman

Betsy has partnered with Roche in the design and development of its Kinesis Foundation Program, and has worked with several leaders at Roche to review and understand their Leadership Assessment results. Her curious nature and energetic approach allow her to support leaders at any stage of development to achieve deep insight and take action around their leadership.

Dave Schrader

Dave has played a key role in the design and implementation of the Roche Kinesis Foundation Program.  In addition to being a co-facilitator of these programs, Dave has worked with several leaders throughout the organization to review the results of their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment so they can bring a deep understanding of their leadership into the work at the Roche Kinesis Foundation Program and to helping Roche be more agile.

Lloyd Denton

Lloyd offers a multi-cultural and multi-sector perspective on leadership and coaching. In his work with Roche leaders, Lloyd integrates a variety of thought disciplines that helps his clients gain deep insight into leadership and leadership development. Lloyd has worked with several Roche leaders to better understand and work with the results of their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment.

Bill Adams

Bill brings over 35 years’ experience working with senior leaders to his work with Roche. A pioneer in the field of change management, Bill believes that any change starts first at the individual level. He builds deep relationships with every leader he coaches, and has partnered with many Roche leaders around the globe to understand their Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Results. He has also designed and facilitated programs for several of the Roche leadership teams around the globe.