Leadership is an inside-outside game. How we think about things impacts what we do about things. In today’s frenetic world, we are often so busy doing things that we don’t notice the underlying thinking that is running the show. When our thinking – our “Inner Operating System” – goes unexamined it takes on a life of its own and we are caught in our own habitual patterns without noticing. The cost of this can be quite high. This workshop sheds light on this inner life and its immediate impact on personal effectiveness, creativity, innovation, and performance.

The Authentic Leader™ program is a leader development intensive. It is a powerful individual leader development experience as well as a leadership team development experience. It is built around The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP), widely regarded as the premier leadership feedback product available. Developed out of more than 30 years of deep leadership development experience, it consistently produces a fundamental shift in a leader’s awareness and behavior. It enables leaders to shift from being Reactors to their current marketplace and organizational conditions, to Creators that lead into the unrealized possibilities latent in the very same current conditions to which others are merely reacting. As a result of this shift, leaders lead with greater clarity, passion, compassion, courage and effectiveness.

When leadership teams participate in the Authentic Leader™ program together, they consistently report new levels of trust, more honest and purposeful meetings, and, a consistent willingness to have conversations about strategic issues that were previously too “charged” to discuss. Leadership team effectiveness increases dramatically.

The Authentic Leader™ program is fluid and adaptable. It can be tailored to your specific needs, budgets, and time requirements. It is also a very powerful follow-up workshop to The Effective Leader™ program. FCG can help you “dial in” the design that is optimal for what you intend to accomplish.