Promise of Leadership™

A Powerful Transformation

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop, is the beginning of the journey to self-discovery, identifying specific attitudes and behaviors that prevent leaders from being effective.

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop is a transformative personal and professional experience. In only four hours, it provides a powerful catalyst to dramatically increase leadership effectiveness.

Built around The Leadership Circle Profile™, the program helps leaders focus on and develop their creative leadership competencies. These skills have been shown to improve the participant’s leadership abilities, bring out the best in others, and significantly increase the performance of the overall business.

The workshop also helps leaders identify and mitigate tendencies that hinder effectiveness, such as emphasizing caution over action, self-protection over productive engagement, and confrontation over collaboration.

Results: For the Organization

  • A common framework and language to address and improve leadership 
  • Accelerated progress toward near-term organizational goals 
  • A foundation for the organization’s long-term   leadership agenda

How it Works

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop gives participants a practical framework for professional growth. The model is simple and elegant, offering leaders a quick and highly accurate snapshot of their current approach to leadership, and an assessment of its effectiveness. The feedback they receive, based on The Leadership Circle Profile™ already completed, creates immediate awareness of how they perform as leaders. And the process offers tangible, clearly actionable practices for improvement that they can start putting to work the same day.

Each session includes discussion of:

  • Practical definitions of leadership and leadership effectiveness 
  • The importance of feedback and how to best use it 
  • How to read the assessment tool 
  • Results from The Leadership Circle Profile™ 
  • Why Creative Competencies are more effective than Reactive Tendencies 
  • How to translate learning into practice

Format and Audience

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop has been facilitated on a one-on-one basis, or for a team as large as 25 to 30 individuals. This half-day program also has been expanded to a full day to include additional custom content, including optional experiential exercises. It can be deployed broadly across the organization, from the C-Suite to the manager level, providing a consistent and unifying development experience and building the foundation for a more creative, effective culture of leadership. To enhance and extend its impact, the Promise of Leadership™ can be followed by the Authentic Leader workshop™.