The Pulse Survey™ Process allows leaders to track their development progress against their development goals and associated behaviors. Three assessments are conducted over an 8-month period. After each assessment, results are captured in a brief, clearly illustrated summary report that leaders can use to chart their progress and determine which areas are in need of further development.


As part of the leadership development process, our coaches assist leaders in identifying“One Big Thing™” they can work on to improve and behaviors the leader wants to address that will have the most impact on their leadership effectiveness. This information is entered into a baseline survey composed of rating scales and a comment/recommendation section. The survey is then administered to the leader’s Accountability Circle, which typically includes 5 to 6 coworkers selected by the leader for their ability to offer candid feedback. These raters assess the leader’s current levels of performance in the goal area and on specific positive and negative behaviors associated with that goal. Raters may also offer relevant commentary about the leader’s pursuit of the goal and related behaviors.


Approximately 3 to 4 months after the baseline survey, a Pulse Survey™ is administered to the leader’s Accountability Circle. This survey is similar to the baseline survey, with ratings of perceived changes in the leader’s performance added to the measures of current performance levels.

The Pulse™ report summarizes the leader’s current performance and compares that to baseline performance, providing additional insight into the progress achieved since beginning the leadership development work.
Again, rater recommendations regarding ways to improve performance are included in the report.


At the conclusion of the work on the identified goal and behaviors, typically 6 to 8 months after the baseline is established, a final survey is administered to the Accountability Circle to gauge the leader’s success in changing overall leadership performance. This modified pulse survey includes all items from the previous pulse, as well as five additional items from The Leadership Circle Profile™ that reflect overall leadership effectiveness. Included in the final survey are two open-ended items designed to gather feedback on the leader’s greatest leadership strength and challenge.

A comprehensive report is then generated to illuminate final levels of performance, changes in performance over the past 3 to 4 months, and comparisons of current leadership effectiveness to baseline measures of leadership effectiveness. The map of progress is charted through time series tracking across assessments and summarizations of leadership strengths and challenges.