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Areas of Expertise:

  • Chair and Board coaching and mentoring

  • CEO and leadership team executive and team coaching

  • Facilitating offsite days for aligning leadership teams and their divisions

  • Leadership Key Notes and Facilitating networking events

  • Facilitating systemic constellations to create insights to grow organisations

Tim Rossi

Senior Leadership Consultant

e tim.rossi@fcg-global.com

Tim’s reputation as a leading executive coach and facilitator spans most industry sectors, Government and NGO’s. Since 2000, Tim has focused on supporting senior leaders of these organizations on their leadership growth using a systemic lens in capturing the diverse strengths of leadership team members to meet their challenges, harness their resources and achieve their outcomes.

Early career highlights include senior management and leadership roles in the founding years of Macquarie Bank. As the Executive Director of the Money Market division, Tim’s teams funded the broad internationalisation of the bank, as well as all broking and trading activities while delivering highly innovative banking products and services cementing its position and reputation.

After working in NYC and attending the leadership program at the Harvard Business School, as CEO of Jacksons Futures Ltd, Tim took the firm from its boutique status as a small private broking company to a tier 1 position and its national listing on the ASX.

With this background in aligning commercial creativity, innovation, speed to market, cross silo collaboration, learning agility and respect for customer needs, Tim established his own advisory firm to support the boards and senior leadership teams of high growth companies from different market sectors through to their listings on the ASX.

Increasingly, Tim recognised the need for executive leadership coaching services to meet the organisational development leadership needs of these firms and their stakeholder firms. After attending leading coach training organisations, Tim established Symphony Leadership in 2000 to meet this need.

Tim's coaching and facilitation style integrates the broad commercial experience at senior leadership and board level with his ongoing coach training combined with steady/grounded presence. This presence opens up trusting, generative dialogue forming a safe container for clients to trial new mindsets and behaviours towards transformative outcomes.

Recent team coaching, training and facilitation engagements at Macquarie and at an executive search firm has led to a marked increase in the quality of their cross team collaboration and communication, engagement and sales pipleline. They speak of Tim’s warm and challenging nature to draw out the nub of issues and support them to take different perspectives and trial creative solutions (including facilitating corporate constellations) to help solve complex challenges.

Tim has a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW), PMD (Harvard Business School), is accredited through Australian Institute of Company Directors, is a Senior Fellow with FINSIA, is certified in the full Leadership Circle suite and Hogan.

Tim is married with 2 grown children and regrets passing on his love for travel as they take roles in the US and Europe.